Middle East

Middle East

The Middle East and GCC countries are overflowing with potential. Strategic geographical advantage; excellent air and sea connectivity; developed infrastructure; welcoming investment… it’s a great region to establish and expand a business.

Realising this potential, Blend launched its Dubai operations well over a decade. Since then, we have expanded our domain in terms of offerings, resources, local contacts and geography. Today, our professional reputation and goodwill covers a vast network of regional banks and fund houses – giving us a clear edge over our competitors.

From our base in Dubai, we quickly ventured into GCC countries, thus enjoying a distinct first-mover advantage in those territories. This solid resource mix of infrastructure, network, talent and local knowledge gives our clients access to unparalleled structured solutions and business expansion strategies throughout West Asia.

Regardless of where they are in the world, or whether they are already doing business in the region, our clients benefit from our focused delivery of knowledge, strength, relationships and resources. Our proven record of solving specific and even unique business challenges, thanks to our deep industry expertise, regional insight, access and custom-fit offerings, makes us the most trusted option amongst global and management consultancies in the region.

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